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Wish Variety

Wish products are juice products in a bright packaging with juicy fruit and berries. There are inspiring photos and hand-written notes on the packages calling to follow the dream. In the assortment there are tomato juice and nectars on a natural basis.


A hallmark of  Wish juice is fresh, rich taste of different fruits and berries, which provides a great mood for a long time!


Wish pomegranate is 100% natural pomegranate juice with a dense, rich taste. It has a deep pomegranate color and pronounced aftertaste. It contains a high concentration of B-group vitamins, PP and C, and it is rich in micronutrients. It strengthens the immune system, and is useful for the cardiovascular system.


Wish tomato is not only rich and unusual taste of customary product, but source of vitamins A, B, C, E, PP, and irreplaceable minerals too. This juice includes a lot of useful acids such as: citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and succinic acid. Also: glucose, pectin, serotonin and dietary fibre. Moreover, the Wish tomato is a great product for these people, who want to be slim, because it contains minimal amount of calories.

Wish tomato is a great choice for an apple a day!


Wish apple is a great alternative for people, who choose a busy life. After all, this amazing product contains everything that will help people always be healthy. The Wish apple is an irreplaceable source of potassium, which is so necessary for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Also there are very useful organic acids in it such as: malic acid, that helps the body split fats, and kinic acid, that reduces the amount of cholesterol in blood.

Wish apple helps your heart to be healthy!


Wish cherry is dive into sensuality. Flavorful of red-ripe cherry is thing that so necessary for small daily joy. The Wish cherry is a tasty way to keep the spring of life as it includes both vitamins and antioxidants, which neutralize the activity of free radicals. Also there is inose in the Wish cherry, is natural regulator of metabolism. It improves the transfer of nerve impulse and helps liver, skin and hear to be healthy.

Wish cherry is a rich recipe to keep the spring of life!


Wish grape is an irreplaceable source of digectible glucose. Regular consuming of the Wish grape advances the general tone of our body and helps fight with daily stresses and exhaustion thank for amino acids, andioxidants and vitamins which are in red grape. The Wish grape is a choice for people who aim to keep vitality and a great mood.

Wish grape is an usual and tasty way to make up of energy!


Wish mango made by a special recipe is represented in a one-liter glass bottle and Tetra Pak package. The Wish mango is distinguished by exotic taste due to the high concentration of the fruit part. Fresh and rich taste of the Wish mango adds the daily brightness. Indeed aside from sweet taste of this juice, it has everything, that allows to keep a good health and mood for a long time: 12 irreplaceable amino acids and vitamin B complex and  vitamines С, D, Е. (also available in a Tetra Pak package.)


Wish peach is a thick aromatic nectar and inexhaustible source of your inspiration. It has not only sweet soft taste but delicately cleans your organism and promotes the activation of metabolism. The Wish peach contains dietary fibre, which help to full work of digestion. Also there is a velvety and soft texture of this nectar which appeal to even the exacting gastronome.

Wish peach is a natural complex of vitamines for support the balance of your health!


Wish blackberry has taste and smell of real wild berries. The Wish blackberry has both vitamines and such useful for human body species as iron, choline, zink, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, potassiumа, which not only keep up your good mood and health, but salutary influence to hemopoietic system, promote regeneration of hemic cells.

Wish blackberry is sour sweet taste of your health!


Wish orange easy tones up and allay thirst so good! The Wish orange is a verify way it set on productivity work, because it full of not only vitamin C, but it contains vitamins A, E, K, vitamin B complex, amino acids, pectin substances and important mircoelements.

Wish orange  is a fruit ingection of vivacity for your organism!


Wish multifruit is sweet as honey, which combining mango and banana with addition of light orange taste. And pineapple with apple add to this nectar a little bit of slightly sour taste. A bit of sugar which is in recipe, makes the taste of the nectar more accomplish and completed. The Wish multifruit is a real cocktail which includes the majority of vitamines in all components.

Wish multifruit is a gentle sweetness and help for your immunity!

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